Your music as you want it. In time.


Don't you just hate it when you're listening to music and have to stop in the middle of the song? With inTime, you don't have to! Just connect to Spotify and we'll take it from there.

Paul is taking his 9 year old son on a trip to Memphis. They want to listen to music on the six hour drive, and they want the satisfaction of having a song end exactly when they reach their destination. Paul uses inTime.

Beth is hosting a party in her dorm room, but her roommate has a midterm tomorrow and needs the room quiet at 1am. Beth wants her party to end on a high note with a song ending exactly at 1am. Beth uses inTime

Joaquin loves working out, but hates it when he has to spend extra time on the treadmills waiting to finish the song he is listening to before he can get back to lifting and getting swole. Joaquin uses inTime

Winner of Tufts PolyHack

inTime was first created at the 2015 Tufts PolyHack. We took first place and are looking forward to continued development.


inTime can integrate with other APIs. Use with Google maps to coordinate behind-the-wheel listening. Combine with video editing software and you’ll never have to worry about finding songs to fit your exact video length. In development.

The underlying algorithm

Based on sound mathematical theory to provide optimized times for you. Click here to view full paper.